What is an information diet? It's all of the information you consume about the world around you, from places like Wikipedia, the Huffington Post, or Fox News. Online or offline, in person or virtual; it all counts. I've been doing my best to track my online information diet for a while now, for both self-evaluation and historic purposes.

Anything after November 2013 can be found on my reading.am page. To read my thoughts on the manual system I had before, or to see what was documented using the manual system, check it out below.

This has been a fascinating experience. It's really nice to have an archive I can point at and say to someone, "Hey, I just read this cool thing about squid sex, and although I can't remember the link right now, I saved it online, so finding it again is no problem." Granted, that doesn't happen very often, but it's a good trick to be able to pull. It's also been fun, at the end of every month when I create the page documenting that period, to look back on what I read and remember which ones were good and which ones were bad. I wish I rated these or gave a bit more feedback, rather than just giving links. Maybe I can do more of that in the future. And I would love to have pictures for the really interesting ones, like the discovery of "flowing" mammoth blood, but I think working a screenshot system in, with how manual everything else is, would be too much.

2013 2012 If you want a "live stream" of what my information diet consists of (perhaps you want to be my information stomach), then you can either check out my #informationdiet board on Clipboard, or you can check out the embedded board below!