This page is dedicated to my music, thoughts on music, ideas about music, and anything related to music. If you want a look into the kinds of music I like to listen to, check out my Pandora station (my email address is my username). I'm pretty sure at this point I have over 100 stations, most of which are well-cultivated. Hopefully you'll enjoy what you find there. Or you can check out my Spotify account to see what's up.

One brief note: Firefox (as of this writing) appears to not support mp3 files in HTML5 audio, so the controls to play it without a plug-in won't work. If you click directly on the title of the piece, that will probably work better.

Musical Recordings

Recorded during a live concert of the Smokin' Reed Saxtet in Grant Recital hall on May 17th, 2007. I'm on baritone sax.
Title Description Play
Ave Verum Written by Mozart. Probably our opener.
French Quartet, mvmt. I First part of a French quartet whose title I can't remember
French Quartet, mvmt. II Second part of a French quartet whose title I can't remember
Fugue no. VII(?) From Bach's "A Well-tempered Clavier", arranged by our tenor sax, Marc Mayes.
Minor Disturbance A cute jazz number, to mix things up a bit
Sax Quartet The sax quartet from Cowboy Bebop
Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor A crowd-pleaser and our finisher.
Recordings of a concert by the Smokin' Reed Saxtet in Grant Recital Hall on March 8, 2009. We shared this concert with the Saxyderms from Boston, including playing a few pieces together.
Title Description Play
Smokin' Reed Saxtet - Brandenburg No. 6 - Mvmt I Allegro This is one of the pieces where we combined forces. Over 12 saxophones were present.
Smokin' Reed Saxtet - Pavane (Faure) Another great tune from that concert. Arranged by the SFSQ (San Francisco Sax Q(uartet?)).
Smokin' Reed Saxtet - WTC Book 2 Fugue XVI A fugue from the Well-tempered Clavier, by J.S.Bach. Arranged by our tenor player, Marc Mayes.